Weasel at Magerøya

Weasel, at the island of Magerøya

Weasel at Magerøya

Weasel is a charm that can be found throughout all of Norway. The Weasel has a slim body with a length of about 30 cm and weight up to 250 grams. In addition, we must add about ten cm for the tail. The male is larger than the female. In the summer suit, the weasel is brown on the back and light under the abdomen. The winter coat is white, but the tail tip is black both winter and summer. On my pictures, it has just started to change to summer coat. The weasel’s winter coat is a fur that has always been sought after and valuable.

Nesting and kittens

In good years, with access to a lot of food, it is documented that weasels can have as many as 17 kittens. Regular numbers of kits are five to eight kittens. Kittens are born in under rocks, in cavities in or under trees or even houses, which are made of moss and grass and are often insulated with furs and feathers.

The weasel (Mustela erminea) has the typical mustelid shape: a long thin body, a smooth, pointed head, short legs, and five toes on each foot, furred between the pads. The claws are sharp and non-retractile. The ears are short, rounded, and set almost flat into the fur. Also known as stoat or ermine.