Photo slides for my bus guests

Myself in B&W

Photo slides for my bus guests. As some of you might know my main income is not photo but instead my work as a bus driver. I almost have a daily trip to North Cape with guests from one of the Hurtigruten ships. These ships arrive daily up here in Honningsvåg. I drive for the Norwegian company Boreal Travel and one of our customer is Hurtigruten. We also drive for most of the other cruise ships arriving here in the summer months of the year.

One Aurora slide
One Aurora slide

Often I had to show photos on my cell phone to my guests when they where asking about weather and the area surrounding North Cape. I had some tablets that I didn’t use so I come up with a plan to fill them with some photos and make an automated slides for my guests to watch on the ride up and down from North Cape. Of course I had to find a way to block my guests from stopping the slide show. I had to find a way to disable the touch screen and the buttons on my tablets. So far it seems like my guests like it well and I’m pleased.

Eagle slides

So if you are one of my former guest and like to have a closer look at the same photos you are now at the right place. For all others you can watch the same photos as my guests at the bottom of this page. Sorry if the page loads slowly but it’s a lot of photos.