About Me_OLD

Photo by Seline Olsen, my youngest daughter.

R.A. Olsen

Photographer R.A. Olsen also known as Roy Arne Olsen is living in the city of Honningsvåg, a small town close to North Cape in Norway.

Mostly I do landscape photos like Aurora Borealis or I try to catch our special light up here. I also do photos and video from drones. Since 2018 I have started to explore bird and nature photography in addition to landscape photography.

I’m borne and raised in Honningsvåg and have been living the most of my life here apart from 8 years in the south of Norway.

Have been doing photo since late in the ’90s and started with drones in the spring of 2016. I also got my approval from the Norwegian air authority at the same time.  You can find my videos on YouTube if you follow this link. Join my Facebook page or Instagram if you like my photos.

Of course, don’t miss my portfolio page.